Great stories about good people caught in difficult situations.

Download Instructions

The ePub format is the industry standard and is supported by all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), as well as the Nook, Sony Reader, and Adobe Digital Editions (for PCs and Laptops).

The Mobi format is supported by Amazon’s Kindle, Kindle Fire, as well as Kindle for Mac, Kindle for PC, or FBReader (which reads all formats).

PDF can be read in Adobe Acrobat or Preview (on the Mac), as well as many other devices and programs. Most computers and devices come preinstalled with Adobe Reader.

Please take a moment to review the instructions for installing your ebook into several common readers follow below. Remember, we are not device specialists. We’re happy to help, but if you get stuck, you will be better serviced by seeking support from your reader’s maker.


On your PC or laptop, get to the Adobe Digital Editions Library menu. Click “add Item to Library” and select the ePub file.

Adobe Digital Editions


Download the free Apple iBooks app. Drag the ePub file into iTunes and sync your iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes. If you have iBooks installed, you should also be able to download the file to your iPhone or iPad and you will be prompted to “Open in iBooks”.

Install the iBooks App


  1. Download “Send to Kindle for the Mac” or “Send to Kindle for PC.” Download the book to your computer. Connect your Kindle to your computer via your USB cable. Drag the Mobi file to the documents folder on your Kindle.
  2. Download the book to your computer. Email the book as an attachment to your kindle email address. No subject necessary. We’ve had best luck with this method.

(Send to Kindle instructions)


Download the books to your computer. Connect you Kobo to your computer using your USB cable. Tap “connect” on your Kobo Reader. Select “Open folder to view files” when prompted by your computer. This should cause a window to open showing the contents of your device. Go to the location of your eBooks on your computer. Drag and drop the books into your Kobo library window.

Kobo has a Windows 8 app


You must download the file and move it to your Nook. Barnes and Noble calls this “sideloading.” (video) Attach your Nook to your personal computer via the USB cable. Your Nook will show up as a hard drive. Download your book and save it to your Nook in the “My Documents” folder.

Watch the video


Connect your Sony Reader to your computer. Download the ePub file to your computer. Your browser should ask you if you wish to save the file or read it. Click save. Drag the standard ePub file to the Reader icon in the left column of the Reader Library software. Wait 30 seconds after loading book onto reader before unplugging.

If you know of a better way to load an eBook onto your device, please let us know. The devices and their operating systems change rapidly. We don’t always know when that might happen. So let us know!